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           «We are standing in a doorway to the future,

without even realizing it. Feelings are mixed in their synergies and generate new and more subtle forms. Sensations become thinner, and i deeply believe, that everyone is able to see colors of the music, its visualization, the sound of lights and forms.I devote my project to those, who are on the wave

with future. 

                                                                                 dj Miss FTV

The best girl dj, fashion dj, best female dj for booking 2015

                            * Futuristic Touch Panel- translucent, with both sides, the panel of 42 inches, working in themode of multi-touch (two or more touches), which allows using a unique

interface to mix the tracks.The uniqueness of the installation is that it fully replaces the CD-players and DJ-console, as well as provides the opportunity, the audience observe the process of selecting tracks, information, and overlay effects, the entire process of creating DJ-set in every detail. Music is in my fingers, created on a huge, transparent touch screen («FUTURISTIC TOUCH VISION», see more detail below) Truly draws you into the process of playing a disc jockey. For the first time you will be futured to the mystery of a DJ-set.

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